Dapoli finds a prominent spot on Ratnagiri Map in Maharashtra, known for its swaying palm fringes, un-touched shore lines, serene beaches, forts and ancient splendour. Dapoli is a key town in Ratnagiri and serves as a central hub for many commercial purposes like colleges, institutions, banks, petrol pumps, ATM’s, hospitals and larger market.

Dapoli for its good climate is attracting people across cities for building their second homes. Dapoli is also a horticulture hotspot and houses many nurseries.

Some of the prominent destinations around Dapoli

Murud Beach

Murud is the biggest beach in the whole stretch. Murud is a hub for adventure water sports and comes brimming to life during the day.

Dolphin safari at the Murud Beach is a definite yes. Dolphins are sure to be spotted, provided you time with the locals and gather some information well before you book a safari.

Murud Beach is around 13 Kms from Dapoli.

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar beach is associated with some good water sports activities.

Ladghar Beach is around 11 kms from Dapoli.

Suvarnadurg & Kanakdurg Fort

At 16 kms. from Dapoli at Harnai stands 2 magnificient forts adjacent to each other yet holding different grounds. Kanakdurg is a land fort while Suvarnadurg is a sea fort. The robust forts are a glory of the past yet historic icons to be witnessed today.

Harnai Lighthouse

Come morning or evening this place offers some solace to the soul. While one side of the lighthouse gives a clear view of the Arabian Sea leaving you calm, the other side is a hustle bustle of the Harnai fish market and the convoy of boats down below.

Harnai Fish Harbour

Harnai Fish Harbour offers the freshest catch. Right from the belly of the boat to the shore. Come here if you want to buy the freshest catch. Lakhs & lakhs of transactions happen every day on this shore market. One needs to be a good at bargaining skills to strike a right deal.

Harnai is at 16kms from Dapoli.


Kadyavarcha Ganpati

It is an iconic and ancient temple on a cliff at Anjarle offering a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea & the Suvarnadurg Fort. Anjarle is 26 kms. from Dapoli.

Anjarle Beach is a huge stretch of pristine beach very near from Dapoli. Anjarle beach is secluded and offers a no man’s land feel, although being attached to a brimming village.

Anjarle is about 26kms. from Dapoli.

Anjarle Beach

Kelshi Beach

Kelshi is another stretch of pristine beach around Dapoli. Kelshi is also known as a pilgrim centre for the famous Mahalaxmi Temple & Yaqub Baba Dargah.

Kelshi is 35 kms. from Dapoli.

Velas Beach

Panhalekaji Caves

Panhalekaji Caves are ancient rock-cut caves sitting on the banks of Kotjai River. The caves are believed to be 1000 plus years old and worth a visit. There are 29 caves in all. The ambience around the caves is forested and hence transports one to another world.

Panhalekaji Caves are based around 20 Kms. from Dapoli.

Karde Beach

Karde beach is the most beautiful and quiet beach amongst all. The isolated beach is all yours considering merely no activity, and the calm of the place settles deep in you.

One can even run in luck at spotting dolphins from the hillocks or higher grounds nearby karde beach in early mornings.

Karde Beach is around 13 kms. from Dapoli.

Tamastirth Beach

Is an isolated stretch of beach offering a perfect feel of calm and being with one-self.

Tamastirth Beach is around 11 kms. from Dapoli.

Dabhol the Enron town, lies much within the limits of Dapoli. Dabhol is a scenic town flanked by the Arabian Sea. The backwaters offer an amazing opportunity for Dolphin Safari. The Dabhol dock is a place of hustle-bustle and interest. The small stretch of Dabholbeach is very picturesque. Walking the narrow streets of Dabhol is one memorable experience.

Dabhol is around 29 kms. from Dapoli.